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Bony-V Bt., founded in 1992, was started as a family business.
Since 1999 the company has produced rear-view-mirror heating systems and rear-view mirrors under the brand name SonicMirror for the automotive industry, especially for the commercial vehicle market.

Our continuously expanding product line includes several types of mirror heating foils and rear-view mirrors, which are produced for the OEM and spare parts market.

Our manufacturing activities require high-quality manual and assembly processes, and so, in cooperation with our engineers and other colleagues, we do our best always to utilize the most modern and most efficient production processes that are available. Of course, educating and professionally training our employees is essential to these processes, so education is fundamental to our production, quality assessment, environment protection, and workplace safety.

In order to achieve long-term satisfaction for our partners, our company continuously implements the highest levels of technological R&D developments in the field of rear-view mirror heating. Due to these innovation projects, we are able to establish ever closer cooperation with our partners and create new opportunities for them. This could be the key to our surpassing previous results year after year.

Our company’s advantage over the competition is that as a European manufacturer we can immediately react with quick deliveries on tight deadlines, which is essential in today’s marketplace.

Quality policy

Our quality system is precisely traceable, from receiving raw materials to the inspection of the finished product, in constant readiness for customer audits.

Our production focuses on the satisfaction of our customers’ demands with the highest possible quality. The basis for this is the development of our internal systems, technologies, and IT services, all of which influence quality.

In order to establish an efficient customer-manufacturer relationship, we strive to continuously develop our information systems in order to fulfill the basic requirements of quality work along with precise, up-to-date, traceable activities.

We strive to regulate our processes to eliminate errors and give ourselves the opportunity to achieve “0PPM” emission levels.

Our aim is keep the waste quantity of our products below 2%.



Heating systems

We provide unique heating solutions which conform to our customers’ needs. The forms are designed by us with the help of a highly qualified and experienced engineer/professional team that has many years of experience in the automotive industry.

– Rear-view mirror heating
– Camera heating
– Other heating foils


Rear-view mirrors

Our company produces rear-view mirrors for commercial vehicles, especially for agricultural machines, other heavy machines, lorries, and buses. Our product range includes universal types as well as items that are designed to resemble brand-name manufactured models.

The SonicMirror brand name requires us to meet the highest standards of quality. Our production processes range from plastic molding, to glass and mirror processing, to complete assembly, and finally packaging.




H-6230 Soltvadkert, Kiskőrösi út 2.

H-2365 Inárcs, Vasút u. 27.


+36 20 9551 093
+ 36 29 570 341

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