Rear-view mirror heating

We provide unique heating solutions which conform to our customers’ needs.
The forms are designed by us with the help of a highly qualified and experienced engineer/professional team that has many years of experience in the automotive industry.
We continuously pursue innovation, research and development, and the introduction of new raw materials, new methods, and new solutions.


Our technologies

Polyester/Silver: We create conductor paths by applying silver paste onto polyester carrying foil. We dry and stabilise the layer in a furnace.


Polyester/Alu: We press a lacquer coating on laminated carrying foil made of aluminium/polyester, dry it a furnace, and create the conducting circuit by acid etching.


Polyester/Copper: This is the same as the aluminium/polyester technology, except in this case the aluminum layer is replaced with copper.


Thermostat: The heating circuit is given a heat sensing thermostat switch, which automatically turns the heating circuit off and on to maintain the appropriate temperature.


Double circuit: We have developed mirror heaters with two circuits for lorries and buses. The aim is that the stronger heating element first melts the ice quickly, after which it switches to a significantly weaker one which prevents re-icing of the glass during the journey.


Controlled heating: We create a bipolar circuit via one of the previously-mentioned technologies (alu/pol, pol/sil), and then we apply a self-regulating material onto the layers via another printing process. This technology can regulate the heater depending on the temperature.


Camera heating

Systems which support better visibility, such as rear-view cameras, are essential safety features on state-of-the-art vehicles. To keep the lens free from ice and moisture, it is necessary to integrate heating. We can offer several such solutions to our customers.


Other heating foils

We also develop heating systems for other fields, such as window wipers, aquariums, electronics, medical and health services, military applications, etc.



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